Credit Valley Sandstone is the building stone of first choice for upscale homes in established neighbourhoods and country estates. It is used extensively in Toronto, London, Hamilton and smaller Ontario towns with a heritage of stone construction, predominantly for churches, civic buildings, museums, golf clubs, theatres and university campuses.

This sedimentary stone, compressed underground for over 400 million years, comprises quartz particles bonded with silica and predates many  limestones, slates and dolomites. Known for high durability – impervious to acid rain and other pollutants – and strong internal lamination, it also rewards the mason with ease of crafting to shape, as well as a solid mortar bond. Credit Valley stone runs from gray to gray/buff in colour with a soft defined texture and a quiet quartzite sparkle. This neutral colour works well on large structures or in combination with other building materials like brick, stucco, wood or concrete.

The flagstone is ideal for walkways, steps and patios, particularly around swimming pools. Sandstone absorbs water, so does not become slippery when wet. Other applications include building cladding, free-standing walls, fireplaces and chimneys, both indoors and out, gateposts, monuments, window sills and lintels, outdoor ovens, statuary bases, pillars, arches and so on. Rougher wall stone is available for rustic dry stone walls. Credit Valley Sandstone is also popular for retaining walls and other landscape uses, such as garden borders and edges.

Hilltop Stone & Supply is situated midway between Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo, central to all of Southern Ontario. We have been the principal source of Credit Valley Sandstone for over 35 years, and own the largest remaining deposit of this stone. We endeavour to provide high quality stone and helpful service, with reliable delivery times.